“It’s the little things”

I’ve learned recently that we should count our lives in the small moments.

People always say “it’s the little things that count,” and I could not agree more. The little things are what make me the happiest.

Last night, I went to a Marina and the Diamonds concert. It was absolutely amazing! I realized today that the girls I went with are the same two girls that I always seem to go with to concerts. We always plan together and it is always a memorable time. Honestly, there are no other two people I would rather go with. Every time we get together (which isn’t that often because different colleges and lives are hard to plan around), I always have the time of my life. We laugh until we cry, and seem to come up with new inside jokes. Every time.

We can focus so well on every negative little thing in our lives, but we only count the times we go to Disneyworld or when we graduate from high school or college. We don’t focus on what happened on the nights we got no sleep; we don’t remember going to that 24-hr pancake house, or talking and laughing all night, reconnecting with a friend while watching the sun rise.

Those are the moments that we take for granted. That’s what I need to begin focusing on. If I count the moments that take my breath away, I’m less likely to focus on the moments that bring me to consider taking my own.


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