We do something and look back and ask ourselves why we did what we did. A lot of times it’s because we weren’t thinking.

Often, we’re actually not aware of our decision making. Does that mean our decisions are conditioned?

This was something we talked about in my Learning class last week. This is quite the concept to try to comprehend, because we may be unaware to what we’re actually conditioned to because it seems natural now. For example, a bell ringing to signal the end of class: students will immediately start packing up or get up to leave. We’re conditioned that the bell means it’s time to go.

Are our lives made up of these moments?

Yes and no.

Humans are more complicated than anything we can ever study about them (us). Just when we think we have figured something out, we throw in a curve ball.

Being in my psychology classes for school has helped me to have a better understanding of myself. It gives me different angle and perspectives that I otherwise would not have seen. It gives me a way to view myself from…well…not myself, if that makes any sense at all.

It has enlightened me to step away from myself and critique–for lack of a better word–aspects of how I live my life. Like in my previous post, I tried defining the differences between my ideal self and my real self. My classes have helped me to see those aspects better.


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