I wanna try something new

I am using this blog as a space to talk about my personal journey, but why stop there?

I am not the only one who has experienced a debilitating mental illness, so I want to open it up to all of you.

I would love for you to share your stories with me, and I will go through them and post them on the “These are your stories” page on my blog.

Every person’s experience is different and unique. Medication works for some and doesn’t for others; some suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar, OCD, ADHD, or some combination, or more. When we open ourselves and become vulnerable an transparent, we can impact others because it let’s them know they are not alone.

If you wish to submit your story to be posted on here, please send it to:
Please include your location, and a name or nickname unless you wish to remain anonymous.

I look forward to reading and sharing your stories.


3 thoughts on “I wanna try something new

  1. I have suffered what depression for four years now it rules my life one day I can be fine , I can get out of bed in the morning , feel worth something be able to eat normal amounts of food and get to and stay asleep at night whereas others I can’t do any of this I wake up in the morning and roll back over because I’m afraid to face the world I feel worthless and useless to anyone I begin to eat like a hippopotamus I avoid going to friends houses at all cause if I go I have to pretend to be happy and still feel lonely housework won’t get done cause I have no or very little energy and getting to sleep on a night is a nightmare some mornings it will b three sometime four am when I drop off cause I lay awake thinking of everything that is getting me down I cry a lot at night because I don’t want people to see how bad it is then when I do finally get to sleep I either wake up panicking or have horendous night mares that make me scream and shake and sweat then getting back to sleep takes forever I find myself wishing I was (for want of a better word) “normal” I don’t talk about my depression much because when I have done in the past I’ve had people say u look fine to me, get out and do something with ur life insteAd of moping around and the one I hate most is u will b fine or get through this I know people only mean well but I don’t tell them this to have statements thrown at me I tell them this so I might get some support even if it is a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to because I’m tired of trying to b strong and trying to be someone I’m not doctors put me on anti depressants which I took for a few months but I had to stop them cause I found that on a bad day they made me worse I hate that a doctors first reaction is to give u drugs instead of referring u to support networks or tell u to self refer then it’s looked at as not priority cause it’s not as bad cause the doctors didn’t refer u I do have some very good days it just disappoints me that my bad ones outshine the good I hope one day that depression. Is looked at as a proper illness and not just in a persons mind and that a person with depression. Isn’t fobbed off to the side because they are being anti social or a dampener on others mood all I have to say to those who either don’t understand it or just think it’s all in our head is walk a day in our shoes then say all the stereotypical statements that u do

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    1. Hello Jennie, thanks for sharing. Did you want to share your story on my blog? If so, send it to the email in the post and I’ll sort through the emails and continue posting more stories.


    2. I feel you so much.
      I’ve actually never commented on anything before online, besides Facebook.
      Im a very quiet person and always been, but I’ve always felt the need to tell others how I feel and I’ve always felt the need to help others.
      Ive dealt with depression and still am, that I know of. Depression is a feeling and state of mind that cannot be defined. I’ve always felt like I was a happy person, but then later I noticed myself wondering day to day where you even find happiness and even has it?
      A lot of my life experiences at such a young age has changed my thinking about life.
      But what I have to say to you is, you’re not alone. Not at all. I felt the need to comment on this to reasure everyone who reads this.
      A lot of people are afraid to say that they may have depression, but is nothing to be ashamed about. Life has so much opportunity and even if life doesn’t seem the greatest at the moment, please look forward to your future. And focus on yourself. Because I’ve realized life is worth living, even if you take one slow step at a time.
      You’re not alone 🙂


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